19 Jan 18

Greetings All,
What a great sight reading evening! We hope you like the new place for our rehearsals this term, we certainly have more space.
A few things to remember:
1. Indoor shoes. Thanks to Stu for mopping the floor last night!
2. T-shirt money if you wish to buy a NH t-shirt.
3. Your music from last term…when we have 5 minutes left over we will run the pieces bit by bit ready for the Perley.
4. If you play a small instrument and do not come on the bus, a music stand would be helpful.
Next week Angela will be working on Pirates and Choral and Rock Out. Gordon will be working on the Mozart (to be handed out), Amazonia and Albinoni.
List of Pieces. Let us know if you are missing anything:
Sousa Scramble
Time Warp
Festival Prelude
Choral and Rock Out
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Strangers in the Night
Nessun Dorma
Olympic Fanfare and Theme
Mozart, Sonata for 100 hands
See you all on Wednesday,
GT and AB