Week 7 update from November 2, 2017

Greetings Capital Crescendos,


Theme of the Week: Pulling it all together. We are now far enough along with our pieces that it is time to work on pulling them together. Play pieces top to bottom. Count through the rests. Work on the sections of the pieces that we focussed on in our sectionals this week. Remember to add the dynamics. And listen to what others are playing.

Administration and Social:
A viewing of the movie West Side Story is being organized by Kathryn Elliott (French horn) kathryn.elliott@rogers.com for November 23, following band. Through Brenda (percussion) we have been able to reserve a room at the Canadian Legion at 70 Hines Road in Kanata, about 20 minutes by car from Woodroffe. Please send Kathryn an email confirming that you plan to attend. And if you need a ride or can offer a ride, please let Kathryn know. Driving instructions will be provided once we are closer to the date. Information on food and beverages will follow. Make sure to put the date aside and start practising the words to the many memorable songs.

It is very helpful to the percussion section if we assist them by moving their instruments out of the storage cupboards before band and moving them back following band. A big THANK YOU to those who assisted this week.

This Week’s Rehearsal
We started our rehearsal with sectionals for the first hour. We then turned to Broadway Favorites and sightread 76 Trombones. Our repertoire from Broadway Favorites now includes Cabaret, Edelweiss and 76 Trombones. Next we worked on Riu, Riu, Chiu and then turned our efforts to West Side Story. Remember we are doing the soft ending.

Next Week’s Rehearsal

Continue to work on the sections of the pieces that we focussed on in our sectionals this week – and keep listening to the audio links. Next week we will be working on Celebrating my Three Best Friends, Hail the Conquering Hero, Angel and You Must Know.

Important Dates

Thursday November 30, 2017: Last sectionals
Thursday November 23, 2017: Beer, pizza and West Side Story
Sunday December 10 in the afternoon: ONHB seasonal concert at Brookfield High School

Listening LInks

Celebrating My Three Best Friends

West Side Story

Hail the Conquering Hero

You Must Know


Riu, Riu, Chiu