17 Sep 17

Welcome back!
Here are a few things you need to know for our first reheasal:
1. Where…Brookfield High School, room 154 the music room.
2. When…Wed 20th September at 6.30pm. We are not allowed in the school until 6pm.
3. What to bring…your instrument, Essential Technique book 3, a music stand and a pencil.
4. We will have full band for the first 2 weeks and will be doing a lot of sight reading. Don’t worry, there are some nice easy pieces to get us back into shape before we try the hard stuff!
5. We will not have juice and cookies at the break, so please bring your own snacks.
6. We will be asking for volunteers for a few small tasks we could use help with, so please think about offering a little bit of extra time!!!
In case you’re desperately keen to take a look at some music (well done!) attached is a pdf with parts for the Sousa march: “Belle of Chicago” which we’ll be taking a look at. Feel free to print out your part(s) from this file.
I (Gordon) am sorry that this email didn’t come out sooner – I was trying to make sure I had everyone’s email. With this in mind – if I have sent this to you and you don’t want Rideau Cadences emails, please reply and I’ll remove you from the list.
See you on Wednesday,
Gordon & Angela