12 Oct 17

Greetings RC,
1. Another excellent week of music! One more week of small sectionals, so come ready with your questions on any passages you would like help with.
2. In the 2nd half Angela will be working on Essential Technique and 5’2”. If there is time she will work on the last section of Pirates, starting at 183.
Gordon will be working on Festival Prelude and Time Warp.
3. Tempi.
Here are the speeds we hope to be taking the music now, as well as the speeds we are aiming for at performance.
Sousa Scramble. Now 100. Later 120.
Hallelujah. 60. Any faster sounds rushed.
5’2” Now 80. Later 92.
Pirates. Nice and steady!
Belle of Chicago. Now 100. Later 120.
Time Warp. Now 152. Never faster than 168.
Festival Prelude. Now 108. Never faster than 120.
Albinoni. Now 63. Later 76.
Have a great week,