11 Feb 2017

Another week of excellent progress! A few things to remember:
1. Clinics
Next week is the last week. Please remember to ask for help with anything you find tricky.
Brass…room 6 with Heather at 6pm
Percussion…basement with Natalie at 6pm
Clarinets and saxes…with Gordon in room 17
Flutes…with Angela in room 15
2. This is the list of repertoire that we’re drawing from this term:
3 Ayres from Gloucester
Jazz it Up
Gordon’s Piece
String of Pearls
Instant Concert
Portrait of a Clown
Rite of Spring
Lord of the Dance

I’m still trying to find some links for these and will let you know once the I’ve found them and posted them here. Please take a look through all of this music and find things to bring up in sectionals.

3. Next week we will run through: Jazz It Up, Instant Concert and Summertime if time permits.

4. Social
It’s still a few weeks until march break and our dinner evening, so if the weather co operates next wednesday, perhaps we should think about at trip to Connor’s Irish Pub, post rehearsal…
See you next week, GT and AB