10 Mar 17

Greetings All,
Thanks for a great rehearsal the other night! Over the next few weeks try to work on the tricky sections and don’t forget to make a list of any passages you would like to go through in full rehearsals.
March 15th: NO REHEARSAL. BAND SOCIAL! Please sign up ‘yes or no’ for the band dinner that we are having on that night. If you can’t open the link or can’t write on it, just send an email to Angela instead. We are able to park in the DC parking lot if on street parking is not available.
March 22nd: Be prepared to work on sections from all the pieces. Angela will go through the parts she thought were not quite perfect! If there is a part you want to look at send her an email. Gordon will be working through Stan Rogers, Greensleeves (if Stan Rogers is a little shaky) and will run all of Three Ayres.
March 29th: We will run all 3 programmes.
April 5th: Dress rehearsal AND Kiwanis! Details to follow.
Hope to see most of you next Wednesday at The Colonnade. GT and AB