Hello Musicians – Welcome to an exciting new session of music-making!

Welcome! Some bands began the week of September 11 to accommodate a week off later in the Fall schedule, and most bands will start the week of September 18 – next week! Please check this website for any updates or changes.

We welcome Jean-Francois Fauteux as the new band leader of Two Beats Ahead.  Check out all our band leaders’ bios!

Each band leader will communicate by email and postings on the website under For Members/Band Notes. Please check regularly.

A special note: on Tuesday, September 19 from 6 – 6:30 pm at BrookfieldHS, Bytown Beginners and Elgin Encores musicians can purchase Essential Elements books 1 or 2 ($11 for brass and woodwinds, $18 for percussion, $12 for portable stands).  Thank you to St. John’s Music for this service. To speed the process, it is CASH ONLY, CORRECT CHANGE.  We want to get to our music-making by 6:30!

The ONHB Advisory Committee met on August 31 at Woodroffe United Church, where Capital Crescendos play each Thursday.  The reports were very positive, and discussion focused on the practical aspects of moving percussion and our music library to Brookfield and to Woodroffe United Church, as well as registration updates and the budget for the coming session.  We ask for your patience as we settle in to our new locations.  It will take time to fine tune the efficient storage of percussion, to set up sectional spaces, and get everything running smoothly!

Mark your calendars!  Sunday, October 152 – 3:30 pm at Woodroffe United Church is the first Annual General Meeting for the ONHB Inc.  We hope you all will make time to come out and vote for your board of directors and learn how you can support this non-profit organization. More information to follow!

A BIG THANK YOU to Brian Carr, Kathryn Elliot, David Chaplin, Jackie Scheffel, Leslie Scott, Steve Snell, Jacqueline Poullet, Doug Thompson, Gail Taillon, Mary Pickard, Sandy Wilkes, Danielle Zion and her team for the many hours they have spent on  inventory, cataloguing, packing and moving! Thanks also to Jody Gomber for her invaluable work as our webmaster!

An important message about some new opportunities will be coming shortly, and will require feedback from interested musicians. Please watch this space!

Musically Yours,