Fall 2022 In-Person

Intermediate Jazz (Band Leader – Rocco Romeo)

  1. Free Ride  (arr.J Wasson)
  2. Flow Chart  (P Baker)
  3. Power Play  (R Woolworth)
  4. La Quema Del Diablo  (V Lopez)
  5. Honk  (J Jarvis)      
  6. Lush Life  (B Strayhorn, arr. M Kamuf)
  7. Gospel John   (J Steinberg, arr. A Clark)
  8. Los Reyes de Plata  (D Beach)
  9. Old Devil Moon  (B Lane, arr. D Wolpe)
  10. Backlash  (D Pickett, arr. M Kamuf)
  11. A Day in the Life of a Fool  (arr. T White)


Intermediate Concert (Band Leader – Colin Williamson)

  1. Choose Joy  (R Standridge)
  2. A Kind and Gentle Soul  (J Swearingen)
  3. The Genius of Ray Charles  (arr. M Brown)
  4. Highlights from Mary Poppins  (arr. T Ricketts)
  5. Jimmy Buffet: The Hits  (arr. P Rozell)
  6. The Bare Necessities  (arr. P Murtha)
  7. A Song For Friends  (L Daehn)
  8. Gabriel’s Oboe  (arr. R Longfield)
  9. Ode To a Flash Mob  (arr. J Brubaker)
  10. The Peanut Vendor  (arr. J Moss)
  11. Camino del Sol  (S Hodges)


Easy Concert (Band Leader – Felicia Persaud)

  1. Ember Skies  (K Day)
  2. Carpathia  (W Owens)
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody  (arr. J Vinson)
  4. Amber Moon  (N Wada)
  5. Appalachian Whisper  (J McDonel)


Intermediate Concert (Band Leader – Sheila White)

  1. March from “First Suite in Eb” (G Holst, arr S Stanton)
  2. William Tell Overture (arr D Bobrowitz)
  3. Ode to Joy  (arr S Stanton)
  4.  The Willow Tree  (P Ni Uallachain, arr M Sweeney)
  5. Blast from the Past  (J Compello)
  6. Storm Warning!  (R Sheldon)
  7. Where Mountains Touch the Sky  (R Buckley)
  8. Happy  (P Williams, arr M Sweeney) 


Intermediate Jazz (Band Leader – Peter Archibald)

  1. All Blues  (M Davies, arr. M Sweeney)
  2. Back in Time  (P Metheny, arr. B Curnow)
  3. Baroque ‘n’ Bones  (C Sharp)
  4. Blues in the Night  (H Arlen, arr. L DeSpain)
  5. Chilly Today, Hot Tamale  (R Hirsch)
  6. Contents Under Pressure  (V Gassi)
  7. Frim Fram Sauce  (J Wasson)
  8. Gospel John  (J Steinberg, arr. A Clark)
  9. Honk  (J Jarvis)
  10. Latin Satin  (L Niehaus)
  11. Out of the Doghouse  (E Morales)