Annual General Meeting and Two New Opportunities

ONHB Annual General Meeting

Where: Sunday, October 15, 2 – 3:30, at Woodroffe United Church
What:  ONHB members will approve new bylaws that govern how the newly incorporated organization will conduct itself, approve a “public accountant” to review our financial procedures and accounts and report at next year’s AGM, and elect the first board of directors.  At the end of the meeting there will be a Q&A session so that everyone can be brought up to speed on any issue affecting ONHB.  Members will receive a package of information about the AGM by email including the draft bylaws and draft budget within the next few days.

Call for Candidates for the Board of Directors:  
You will shortly receive a draft of the bylaws with more information about the duties and responsibilities of directors, but in summary, there will be four elected directors from among band participants and one appointed director from among the band leaders.  The four elected members will decide among themselves who will serve as chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary.  The draft bylaws contain a more detailed description of each of these executive offices.  Please be sure to read them carefully before submitting your candidature for the board of directors.

If you are interested in serving on the new board as one of four volunteer directors, please print off the form found here and have 12 ONHB member musicians sign in support of your bid.  Completed forms are to be submitted to Cathy Wilcox by Thursday, October 12, in order for your name to appear on the ballot.  Each nominee will have 1 minute to speak to the assembled members on October 15.

Two New Opportunities:

    1. Beginner Jazz Band

ONHB is considering establishing a beginner-level jazz band for the winter 2017 session (January to April 2017). This band would be for musicians who are comfortable with their instruments and who would like to learn about playing jazz rhythms and styles, while learning to play big band-type jazz.  Details of fees and schedule are to be confirmed, but we’re tentatively looking at 6:30-8:45 PM Wednesdays at Brookfield HS.
We would like to know how many of you may be interested, as a minimum number of participants would be needed  Please Note: Musicians should be comfortable playing most of the music in the Essential Elements book 1.  Piano at a level of grade 8 conservatory is recommended for joining on piano. Electric guitar and bass guitar also should have a solid foundation on their instruments. This is your chance to swing, bop, and be cool!   If you are interested, please e-mail Art Stewart .  Please include:

  1. Your instrument
  2. To which ONHB band(s) if any you currently belong
  3. Which other ONHB bands (if any) you would concurrently join along with Beginner Jazz.  Remember that joining a second or additional band this year costs only $100.  
  1. Composer’s Version of FINALE  

    Interested in composing or arranging music? Local composer and arranger Lloyd Hiscock, who has many of his compositions played and recorded by groups such as the Maple Leaf Brass Band, is offering a two hour session in late October/early November on the full composer’s version of the computer program  FINALE.  Participants will be invited to discuss their particular backgrounds, needs and interests regarding composing and/or arranging music (concert band/jazz band/small ensemble)  Lloyd is prepared to develop a 4-6 week course to take place in March and April, 2018.   If you are interested, please email Cathy Wilcox Please include:

  1. Your instrument
  2. To which ONHB band(s) you currently belong
  3. If you are available for: morning weekday/ evening weekday /morning weekend